Sayokan Educational DVD Set


This DVD set contains Sayokan's technical and strategic aspects of the absolute. Two DVDs are composed. One of the ALAGAN, and the other BASAGAR. There are  Sayokan anecdote, in DVD Basagar.

 DVD set fee is $ 90.00, including shipping costs.
  In order to have a set of DVD;
 - Fold one of the accounts and

Please inform by email (info@sayokanfederasyonu.com)
 - Name, surname,
 - Post address,

T.R. Ziraat Bank
 Account Name: Sayokan World Federation

 SWIFT COD                      :
Safranbolu Branch Code  : 1014
 Account Number               : 57656651 - 5001
 IBAN                                 : TR56 0001 0010 1457 6566 5150 01