Chapter 1

    Article 1:
The word Sayokan is formed from the beginning syllables of words in the sentence of “the way and blood of Warrior’’. In this regulation it will be referred to as SWF.

1/ 2 Center: The center of SWF is based in Ankara – Turkey.

1/3 Objectives: The aim of SWF is to introduce Sayokan to all countries in the world, to increase number of supporters and to assist in the physical and mental development of instructors, coaches and trainers, to strengthen the unity while constituting peace and love medium, to establish the country representatives, national federations and continental federations in the member countries. The objectives are to:

 A- organize international technical and refereeing lectures and seminars
 B- establish Country Representatives, National Federations and Continental Federations
 C- Organize World and Continental Bravery Games and other official and private International Bravery Games together with these organizations
 D- Standardize Sayokan’s technical, refereeing, tola and game rules
 E- Organize Sayokan development seminars, symposiums, international and inter-university Bravery Games, while co-operating with universities
 F- Provide support to develop and establish Sayokan Federations/Associations in other countries world-wide
 G- Authorize and assign people to lead these organizations, to make them members to SWF
 H- Realize the objectives of federation to open commercial enterprises and to participate in these enterprises.

1/4 Official Languages: Official language of SWF is Turkish . Turkish will be used in technical terminology, terms, bravery games and syllabus. Translations in General Assembly and Board of Directors will be done
 both in English and Turkish.

 1/5 Definitions



Sayokan World Federation (SWF)



President of SWF



The founder of Sayokan and future Yabgus elected from Yabgu election



Sayokan is defined as Turkish martial art



Sayokan Federations established in foreign countries and established in foreign countries member of SWF

Continental Representatives


Federations established with co-operations of national federations in the same continent and represents the continent they are related to

Country Representatives


Aybars have at least 3rd SAN and assigned to introduce Sayokan and organize its activities in the countries which have not national federations

Bravery Schools


Sport clubs and associations where Sayokan martial art is thought. Bravery schools are founded legally according to the related State’s laws



Second Master Trainers who has 7th, 8th and 9th San black belt



Third Master Trainers who has 6th SAN black belt

Aybar (Instructor)


Third Master Trainers who has at least 3rd SAN black belt

Talutay : 3rd, 4th and 5th San degree alps.



People who has 1st and 2nd SAN black belt



Sayokan Trainees

 1/6 Founding Associaitons of the SWF : SWF was founded by 5 associaiton’s union. Associaitons are below.
A – (06 – 070 – 186) World Sayokan Headquarters – Ankara – TÜRKÝYE
B – (31 – 014 – 105) Sayokan Association – Gözcüler – Ýskenderun – HATAY – TÜRKÝYE
 C – (09 – 014 – 107) Sayokan Associaiton – Nazilli – AYDIN – TÜRKÝYE
 D – (33 – 020 – 071) Sayokan Associaiton – Mut – MERSÝN – TÜRKÝYE
 E – (31 – 014 – 173) Sayokan Alplýk Association – Ýskenderun HATAY - TÜRKÝYE

Chapter Two
Regulations about the Members

 SWF has two types of memberships:
Article 2: Permanent Member: International Sayokan federations and associations founded in foreign countries with the aim of running Sayokan Turkish Martial Art and international federations who are members of SWF with the aim of running Sayokan.  Honorary Member: Person selected by Board of Directors and who can give mental support to the federation.
 2/1 Memberships: Founded Sayokan federations or existing martial art federations which apply to SWF in order to manage their art under SWF.
 2/2 National Federations, which are member of SWF, have the legal right to introduce and represent Sayokan. 
 2/3 The acceptance, dismissal or conditional acceptance is under the judgment of SWF’s Board of Directors.
 2/4 All technical, refereeing and game rules of Sayokan will apply in member countries without any amendments.
 2/5 All members of SWF have to obey these regulations.
 2/6 If continental federation is founded, national federations and continental federations are directly related to SWF.
 2/7 Continental Federations cannot facilitate independent events. Activities can be organized under the information and approval of SWF.
 2/8 National Federations are independent of the countries they represent. But they are legal foundations established according to countries’ laws.
 2/9 The records, visas and confirmation of Alps and Aybars who have SAN degree and international referees in the national federations are done by SWF. Tuyuns, Aybars, Tayguns and Tanyus, who have SAN degrees, have to take their federation diplomas and certificates.
 2/10 The rules, techniques of Sayokan cannot be changed.
 2/11 National Federations are represented by three members in SWF. Each national federation has one right to vote. Countries without national federation have no right to vote.

 Regulations about the Membership Operations
 Article 3 :
Federations, who want to become a member of SWF, should apply to SWF with the following  documents and they will receive a response within 30 days.
 3/1 Two copies of National Federation foundation license
 3/2 Two copies of membership decision letter of Board of Directors
 3/3 Two copies of decision letter of Board of Directors belongs to a person assigned for membership operations of federation
 3/4 Two copies of all identity information and photocopy of front page of passport and page has all identity information
 3/5 Annual payment
 3/6 Membership form of SWF is fully filled (Appendix 2)
 3/7 Participation fee payment
 3/8 Form (Appendix 4) is fully filled for all membership operations.

 Membership Rights
 Article 4 :
Prospective National federations, who share SWF’s objectives, apply officially for the membership. Upon this application, Board of Directors will decide membership within 30 days and announce the result to the applicant in writing. The accepted applicant is recorded to the account book.

 Federation members have equal rights. Federations cannot discriminate on nation, color, sex, religion and cult, family and class. Every member national federation has the right to attend the activities and management of SWF.

 The dismissal cannot claim possession on SWF’s estates.

 Each member of the national federation has one right to vote in SWF. Honorary members have no right to vote.

 Termination of Membership
 Article 5 :
5/1 Expiration: Membership of the ones, who afterwards loses their properties searched in regulation, will be terminated.
 5/2 Resignation: Every member can terminate its membership with a resignation letter.
 5/3 Dismissal: Dismissal from the membership can be one of the following types.
 A- Non-compliance with the main regulations,
 B- Failure to attend two consecutive General Assemblies because of not paying the annual membership fee, 
 C- The members dismissed for an indefinite period of time.

 The decision of membership termination depending upon the above reasons cannot be challenged. But the membership termination, which is concluded after a deficiency in regulations, may be challenged.

 Members dismissed or resigned from federation, have to pay their annual fees for the period of membership time. By the decision of Board of Directors, the resigned or dismissed member’s record is deleted from SWF’s Membership Account Book. Then it is entrusted to national federation.

Chapter Three

 Article 6 :
In order to achieve its goals, the federation;
 6/1 Conducts scientific research, organizes courses and gives gifts to successful people, attends to symposiums, publishes books, brochures and bulletin boards, organizes activities and co-operates with universities, faculties, research centers and other associations and people,
 6/2 Purchases, sells or hires real estates related to its aims. It has operating, constructing and other rights on its real estates,
 6/3 Uses and allows to use books, magazines, bulletin boards, brochures and other kind of periodical and indefinite publications, visual and written mass media.
 6/4 Accepts grants and help from donor,
 6/5 Prepares regulations in order to work more efficiently,
 6/6 Approves 6th SAN and upper degrees of member national federations, organizes courses and exams for international refereeing,
 6/7 Organizes international technical seminars, summer and winter camps,
 6/8 Hires salaried and contracted personnel in order to work more efficiently,
 6/9 Takes annual subscription fees from member federations,
 6/10 National Representatives are formed,
 6/11 Organizes International Bravery Games or evaluates the request of organizing International Bravery Games of member federations, if it is appropriate, gives them permission,
 6/12 Opens representatives in the countries without national federations,
 6/13 Organizes common activities with other national federations in the field of martial arts,
 6/14 Provides coordination among member foreign country Sayokan federations,
 6/15 Makes common activities with Sayokan Federation in Turkey because Sayokan is a Turkish martial art,
 6/16 Opens commercial enterprises and participates in these enterprises.

 SWF’s Emblem
 Article 7 :
Federation emblem and colors are as below.

Member Discipline Rules
Article 8 :Members are penalized and disciplinary actions taken by the Board of Directors, on the occasions listed below.
 8/1 Acting contrary to main regulations,
 8/2 Not performing the given duties, which are necessary for Sayokan to achieve its goals,
 8/3 Talking and being against SWF’s members, countries, morale, religions, nations, cults,
 8/4 Humiliating SWF’s morale,
 8/5 Harming SWF real and personal estates,
 8/6 Losing its apolitical property and going into politics, distinguishing others according to religion and nation,
 8/7 Coming out against the decision of Board of Directors,
 8/8 Making forgery on Membership Form Letter (Appendix 2),
 8/9 As a result of the official decision coming from the national or international foundations on the occasions of acting on the contrary of national or international laws,
 8/10 Making religious, national and political acts on the contrary of member countries of SWF,
 8/11 Forming groups among members and harming SWF,
 8/12 Any kind of action against disciplinary rules.

 Article 9 :
After the defense of prosecuted member or national federation or continental federation, SWF Board of Directors can penalize as shown below. Relevant member or national federation or continental federation acquits its written defense to the SWF Secretary no more than within 30 days. Member national federations or continental federations are responsible for unjust behaviors against SWF which are needed to be penalized.
 9/1 Warning: It is the lightest penalty made in order to warn and avoid next misbehaviors of the member; warning is issued in writing and is not entered into registry book.
 9/2 Blame: It is declared in a written way that SWF member’s or official’s behavior is blamed. This penalty is entered into the registry.
 9/3 Temporary Removal: SWF member is banned from the membership of SWF not less than one week and not more than two years. It is entered into the registry book.
 9/4 Permanent Dismissal: SWF member’s misbehavior, which is serious and cannot be penalized as previous cases. The member is dismissed and corresponding record is deleted from registry book.

 Operations Related To Penalties
Article 10 :
While penalizing a member the SWF Board of Directors follows the below procedures and decides what to do.
10/1 Board of Directors takes the oral and written defense of the prosecuted member, association or official. Member cannot be penalized without a defense. But retrieval of defense document after the deadline or a defense without an acceptable excuse is treated as it is received.
 10/2 SWF is authorized to judge the undisciplined behavior of the member while taking care of the claim, defense and registry of the members. On the occurrence of mitigating causes, one grade lighter penalty may be applied while giving its reasons. Member federations, giving misleading declarations while not fulfilling membership criteria, are dismissed from SWF membership. If the same offence is repeated again, one grade heavier punishment is applied to the member. If more than one penalty is suitable, the heaviest is applied.
 10/3 Lighter penalty may be applied to the member because of its well-intention. Penalty can be postponed on the regretness occasion whereas dismissal from membership cannot be postponed. If the offence is repeated again in a year, both penalties are applied. Not entirely sure what this is trying to say …
 10/4 After six months from misbehavior date, member cannot be prosecuted.
 10/5 Prosecuted member’s identity, proofs and defense about misbehavior or other related information about the member is entered into the registry book in the Board of Directors meeting. One copy of the decision letter is sent to member. If it necessitates, related officials in the country of member may be notified. These regulations are also valid for the assigned country representatives.

 Objection to Penalties
Article 11 :
Member has the right to appeal to the General Assembly about the dismissal decision after being  notified.Member may defend themselves and appeal against the decision at the next General Assembly meeting. At the appeal, General Assembly approves or removes the penalty. Dismissed members rights and responsibilities are in force until the General Assembly decision, depending upon the appeal made by the member. Board of Director’s decision is indisputable except membership dismissal case.

 Sayokan Bravery Games And Election Principles
 Article 12 :
12/1 SWF is the only association which has the right to organize the world bravery games and international bravery games. This is its property.
 12/2 With the approval of SWF, countries in which world and international bravery games will be held are scheduled in 5 years-term programs by national federation and continental federation (if exist). All the arrangement about the organization is handled by the home-country.
 12/3 Ataturk Sayokan Bravery Games World Cup, World Martial Arts Bravery Olympic Games and Turkish World Sayokan Bravery Games are organized by Turkish Sayokan Federation in Turkey.
 12/4 Sayokan World Bravery Games are organized once every two years, World Martial Arts Bravery Olympic Games are organized once every four years, Turkish World Sayokan Bravery Games are organized once in two years and Ataturk Sayokan Bravery Games World Cup is organized every year.
 12/5 In continents with no continental federation; Continental Bravery Games are organized together with all member national federations by the approval of SWF. In order to organize Continental Bravery Games, there must be at least five (5) member countries in the continents.
 12/6 In Bravery Games’ Organizations all members cover their own fares and expenses. There exist no participation fees for Bravery Games.
 12/7 Alps who are not registered to SWF cannot participate in any of International Bravery Games except for World Martial Arts Bravery Olympic Games.
 12/8 In International Bravery Games, every country can participate with one Alp in every weight.
 12/9 All the fares, accommodation fees and other expenses of referees, who attend to World Bravery Games organized by SWF, are paid by SWF.
 12/10 Monetary rewards of first three (3) ranking Alps in World Bravery Games in every weight category are paid by SWF. The amount of prize is determined by Board of Directors. It has to be decided six (6) months before each game and announced to national federations. All the organization’s expenses are paid by home country’s federation.
 12/11 Sayokan Bravery Games are held on the grassy fields (football and similar fields). Bravery Games cannot be organized in closed areas.


Chapter 4

 SWF’s Organs
 Article 13 :
13/1 Congress
 13/2 Board of Directors
 13/3 Inspection Committee

 Congress and Its Duties
 Article 14:
SWF Congress members consist of member national federation’s three delegates. Congress is gathered periodically once every three years in March in the SWF’s main building or another building in the same city determined by Board of Directors. Congress is done at the date, time and place as determined in the announcing and informed to the biggest local civil administrator. Every national federation has one right to vote. Three delegates of each member national federation are determined in the first member operations. Changes in delegates’ list should be notified to SWF secretary three (3) months before congress. Board of Directors members also attends to the congress, but they have no right to vote. Congress members are invited at least fifteen days before congress by the Board of Directors. For this reason the date, time and agenda of assembly is notified to the members. After the opening of congress, the President, the President’s representatives and secretary are selected to manage the assembly. Congress is gathered by two-third (2/3)
 participation of member delegates’ majority in the event of regulation changes and abrogation of SWF. In the event of delaying of assembly because of not providing majority, majority is not necessary in the second assembly. But, number of participant members is not less than double of the number of Board of Directors and Inspection Committee. If there is Board of Directors, Inspection Committee request or written request of one-fifth (1/5) member of SWF General Committee, unusual assembly is gathered. Board of Directors prepares the list of delegation who has right to participate in Congress and warns indebted members to pay their debts until congress date. Members, who have debt of participation fee and annual debt, cannot participate in Congress and have no right to select or to be selected. Reasons as a result of delaying of assembly, apart from not providing majority, are notified to the members fifteen days before assembly and members also are informed about date, time and agenda of assembly. Members, who will attend to Congress, are added to the list. Delayed assembly has to be done in two months after its delaying date. Congress
 cannot be delayed more than once.

 The duties of congress are listed below
 14/1 SWF’s regulations are taken into account in congress. Congress is gathered with one more than half of the delegate number of people.
 14/2 Majority’s opinion is accepted in congress.
 14/3 The agenda of congress is determined by the Board of Directors and announced to the member national federations three(3) months before congress. National federations declare the topics argued in a written way a month before congress date.
 14/4 One copy of the decisions and registry of the congress is submitted to member federations.
 14/5 Secretary announces the agenda in the congress and they are re-approved. Agendas should be approved by a majority and unapproved agendas are postponed to next congress.
 14/6 Programs and projects aiming to make SWF’s services more efficient, complete the deficiencies if exist,  are discussed.
 14/7 The dismissal decision about a national federation is discussed in congress.
 14/8 Working program, budget regulation and profit-expense table is discussed.
 14/9 Board of Director’s President, major and reserved members of Inspection Committee and Board of Director’s members are selected.
 14/10 Board of Director’s activity report, balance sheet and profit-expense table are discussed and approved. Board of Director’s members is acquitted.
 14/11 Except the definite regulation topics, Board of Director’s draft law about a change of regulation is discussed and decided.
 14/12 Board of Director’s is authorized to purchase and sell personal and real estates.
 14/13 To decide the disintegration of SWF.
 14/14. A national federation cannot assign deputy if its delegates do not attend to congress
 14/15. Commercial enterprises are opened, federation participates in these enterprises to realize objectives of federation or Board of Directors is authorized to take partners.

 Unusual Congress
 Article 15:
Unusual congress is gathered with the Board of Directors or Inspection Committee’s decisions or with the written application of one-fifth (1/5) of SWF members. Unusual General Committee is gathered with its own specific agenda and Usual General Committee methods are applied.

 Board of Directors and Its Duties
 Article 16:
It consists of nine (9) major members and five (5) reserve members. Its service duration is three (3) years. Duties are listed below. It is selected with vote by ballot. If the President is departed from the board, the new President is voted in by ballot, after a reserve member is invited. Board of Directors will serve for three (3) years, within one week after reselection of Board, President, Vice-President, General Secretary and Accountant are chosen. Number of Board of Director’s assembly and sufficient decision is one more than half. Board of Directors meets at least two times in a year. Officials of the other committees are charged with the renewal of Board of Directors. General Secretary must have an undergraduate diploma, speak fluent English and must have at least a 3rd SAN black belt.
 16/1 To put into practice the main regulation, accomplishing other relevant activities in accordance with the objectives of General Assembly,
 16/2 To prepare and execute working program, budget regulation and profit-expense table,
 16/3 To prepare activity report, budget sheet and profit-expense table of previous term,
 16/4 To analyze and decide the applications about new federations, member’s bravery schools
 16/5 Depending upon the President’s advice, to decide the dismissal or penalty of the members that lose properties,
 16/6 To arrange the agenda, location and date of General Assembly,
 16/7 To appoint other committees and their officials that co-work with the Board of Directors through their goals
 16/8 To hire and fire the managerial and financial personnel,
 16/9 To take the authorization in order to prepare or charge the main regulations or draft law,
 16/10 To announce the General Assembly decisions to the members,
 16/11 To take the duty and balance sheet over from the previous Board of Directors,
 16/12 To decide the amount of annual membership fee, SAN diploma and exam payments, price of passports and visas of Alps, the prize of first three (3) champion Alps in Sayokan World Championship, referees
 traveling expenses,
 16/13 To open a bank account in behalf of federation, to draw or invest money to the relevant bank account,
 16/14 To decide sponsorship treaties and cooperation,
 16/15 To hire salaried or contractual personnel if necessary,
 16/16 To establish other committees, to organize regulations in order to improve the efficiency of Sayokan services, contests, Aybar’s and referee’s studies.
 16/17 To prepare and put into force Sayokan Bravery Games, Aybar, Sponsorship, Referee, Yabgu, Country  Representatives, San regulations and instructions.
 16/18 To decide to open representatives in the foreign countries and assigns representatives, to give authorization documents (Appendix 3). To inform the related country in written way and send the one copy of authorization document.

 Inspection Committee
 Article 17:
Inspection Committee, which is the authorized inspection organ of SWF and consists of three (3) major and three (3) reserve members, is appointed for three (3) years in the General Assembly. Inspection Committee has to be re-selected when Board of Directors is re-selected in the General Assembly. Within one week after the appointment of Inspection Committee, President and Spokesman are selected. Committee is gathered together at least once in six (6) months. Number of assembly members for sufficient decision is three (3).

 The duties of Inspection Committee are as follows.
 17/1 To analyze the budget sheet of SWF and to report the results and advice to the Board of Directors at least once in six (6) months,
 17/2 To attend the meeting of Board of Directors, where working program, budget sheet, profit-expense table of last term discussed and its advises and wishes declared,
 17/3 To report to the General Assembly, the result of analysis about last term’s working program, budget sheet, profit-expense table which is prepared by Board of Directors.

 Interior Inspection Formality
 Article 18:
Interior inspection of the SWF is handled by Inspection Committee according to the main regulations. Inspection Committee is responsible for all activities to the general congress.

 Common Issues
 Article 19:
Members of Board of Directors or Inspection Committee is assumed to be dropped out, on the occasion of three consecutive non-attendances without legal excuse or non-attendance with legal excuse which is occurred one more than half of the actual meeting number in a term. Then the first reserve member is invited and become a major member in a week.

 Article 20:
Successful Alps in their own weights in Sayokan Bravery Games and important guests are rewarded. Rewards are covered with federation budget or with sponsorship income.

Types of Rewards
 Article 21:
There are mainly five (5) types of rewards.
 21/1 Financial Reward (Prize): Prizes are determined by the SWF Board of Directors. In The World Bravery Games, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd degreed Alps in their own weights are rewarded. Overall, The National Federation, which has more number of 1st, 2nd, 3rd place Alps, is also rewarded by the Board of Director’s decision.
 21/2 Medals: It is obligatory to give medals to the graded Alps, at all category weights.
 21/3 Cups: The first three (3) graded Alps are given the cup reward in all category weights.
 21/4 Plates: It is given to the President of member national federations, country representatives and important guests.
 21/5 Contest Participation Certificates: It is given to all Alps applied to Bravery Games.

 SWF’s Management
 Article 22:
SWF is managed by Board of Director’s President and General Secretary. Other members of Board can be appointed miscellaneous duties by the Board of Director’s decision.
 Board of Director’s President: All the meetings are chaired by the President. The president is capable of representing SWF. Board of Directors and its President are responsible for misuse of their duties.

 General Secretary: General Secretary, who is selected by Board of Directors, represents SWF, executes the given duties according to the authorization given by the Board of Directors.

 Accountant: Accountant, who depends on Board of Directors, manages budget sheet, profit-expense table and other official and financial affairs.

 The president, Board of Directors and Accountant are together responsible for account discord of SWF.


Chapter Five
Other Committees

 Article 23:
Other committees are as follows.
 23/1 Technical Committee
 23/2 Central Refereeing Committee
 23/3 Law Committee
 23/4 Education Committee
 23/5 Organization Committe
 23/6 Financial Support and Sponsorship Research Committee (FSSRC)
 23/7 Country Representatives
 23/8 Representative of Europen sayokan – RES  
 23/9 Representative of Asian Sayokan – RAS
 23/10 Representative of Pan American Sayokan – RPS
 23/11 Representative of United African Sayokan – RUAS
 23/12 Representative of Oversea Countries – ROC

 The Duties of Other Committees
 Article 24 :
 24/1 Technical Committees:
It consists of five (5) major and three (3) reserve members. Members must have at least 5th SAN black belt. They must have strong background knowledge about all Sayokan formations and subjects under discussion. SWF President may substitute Technical Committee members. If a member resigns, the first reserve member becomes major. SWF President chooses Technical Committee members. The duties of Technical Committee are listed below. The Technical Committee is over the national federation’s Technical Committees and inspects them.
 A- To teach and develop Sayokan technical syllabus/content and games that SWF serves.
 B- Analyzes invitation and advises from national federations about 6th SAN and over degrees. If it is suitable, presents to SWF President and Yabgu approval.
 C- To provide and inspect the technical standardization of Sayokan in the national federations.
 D- Organizing technical seminars. To appoint trainers for these seminars. To present these studies to the Board of directors.
 E- In conjunction with Educational Committee, preparing and publishing visual and written documents in order to provide technical development.
 F- Committee depends on the founder of Sayokan Martial Art Yabgu Nihat Yigit and has the authorization of Yabgu. Committee is also responsible to Board of Directors and depends on General Secretary.
 G- To offer the advice that comes from national federations Bengisan, Bengialp, Yabgu, Tanyu, Taygun graded people.
 H- To perform other duties given by President.
 I- To investigate the reports comes from members  about sayokan and do the required.

24/2 Central Refereeing Committee: Information about this committee is declared in Refereeing Regulations in detailed.

24/3 Law Committee: Performs federations’ judicial affairs and duties assigned by President. It consists of five (5) major and three (3) reserve members. The President appoints them all.

24/4 Educational Committee: It consists of five (5) major and three (3) reserve members. Co-operates with Technical Committee about educational formations. Prepares and publishes visual documents in order to support Sayokan education. It serves at the universities for the sake of Sayokan development. It is authorized and charged for SWF’s educational affairs, depends on General Secretary and responsible to the Board of Directors. The President appoints all members.

24/5 Financial Support and Sponsorship Research Committee (FSSRC): It consists of five (5) major members. It searches Financial Resources for SWF to organize better and qualified activities. FSSRC negotiates with officia associations and capitalists. FSSRC members are appointed by President and also depend on President.

24/6 Country Representatives: Country Representatives are selected by Board of Directors and consist of one President and two vice-Presidents from the same country. Members are appointed by President and depend on President and work for Sayokan to introduce, develop and increase wide participation, to provide the unity among Bravery Schools and to establish new federations. They attend to General Assembly but have no right to vote.

24/7 Representative of Europen sayokan – RES : It consists of five (5) members. Provides the unity among the member countries in its continent and shows neutral management. ESF aims to increase the number of member countries and works for qualified organizations in continent. It cannot form groups within the members depending on nation and religion.

24/8 Representative of Asian Sayokan – RAS : It consists of five (5) major members. Provides the unity among the member countries in its continent and shows neutral management. ASF aims to increase the number of member countries and works for qualified organizations in continent. It cannot form groups within the members depending on nation and religion.
24/9 Representative of Pan American Sayokan – RPS : It consists of five (5) major members. Provides the unity among the member countries in its continent and shows neutral management. PSF aims to increase the number of member countries and works for qualified organizations in continent. It cannot form groups within the members depending on nation and religion.

24/10 Representative of United African Sayokan – RUAS : It consists of five (5) major members. Provides the unity among the member countries in its continent and shows neutral management. UASF aims to increase the number of member countries and works for qualified organizations in continent. It cannot form groups within the members depending on nation and religion.

24/11 Representative of Oversea Countries - ROC: It consists of five (5) major members. Provides unity among the member countries in its continent and shows neutral management. OSF aims to increase the number of member countries and works for qualified organizations in continent. It cannot form groups within the members depending on nation and religion.

 Continental Representatives
 Article 25:
Continental representatives are founded by the General Assembly’s decision, in the continents that have at least five (5) member countries.They bring together the countries in their continent and direct these countries  neutral . They prepare programs which increase number of members, make Sayokan widespread and offer to president approval . SWF continental federations serve for 3 (3) years. After the Board of Director’s service duration expires, continental federation duration also finishes. They serve according to SWF main regulations. National federations and country representatives are entered into two distinct registry books by continental federations. In this registry book national federations’ addresses, identities of Board of Directors’ members, budget sheets are recor


Chapter Six

 Incomes Of SWF
 Article 26 :
Incomes consist of funds listed below.
 26/1 Grants, legacies and gifts,
 26/2 SAN diploma and exam fees, Aybar diploma and exam fees, international referee courses, exams and diploma prices, Alp license books and yearly renewal fees,
 26/3 All incomes from summer and winter camps and technical training seminars,
 26/4 Incomes from marketing, sponsorship and advertisements,
 26/5 Annual membership fee of national federations and representatives,
 26/6  Renting or operating incomes from real and personal estates Incomes, which come from continental federations,
 26/7  Incomes from meetings, fairs, shows, concerts, sport competitions, lottery and all kinds of publications,  26/8  Incomes from real estates
 29/9  SWF membership subscription fee (once
 29/10 Incomes, which come from opening commercial enterprises and participating in these enterprises
 29/11, Accepting help by grants from abroad, association, federation and foundations with the approval of related ministry.

 Expenses of SWF
 Article 27:
Expenses are as follows.
 27/1 Rents (SWF center’s, competitions’ and seminars’ field) official and other documents’ payments,
 27/2 Outgoings for manufacturing of materials and beneficial for Sayokan’s training,
 27/3 Traveling expenses of Bravery Games’ referees and other officials,
 27/4 Prizes of first three (3) graded Alps in some important Bravery Games specified by Board of directors,
 27/5 Salaries and insurance payment of contractual personel decided by board of directors,
 27/6 Outgoings for cups, medals, attendance certificates given to graded Alps in Bravery Games,
 27/7 Outgoings for documents or certificates that are given to the trainers or attendants in winter-summer camps, technical and refereeing seminars,
 27/8 Outgoings related to co-operations with universities,
 27/9 President’s, Vice-President’s, General Secretary’s traveling expenses and other payments related to SWF’s affairs,
 27/10 Rents and fuel payments of motor vehicles hired for SWF activities,
 27/11 Traveling expenses and salaries paid to trainers in technical and refereeing seminars,
 27/12 Other outgoings,
 27/13 Outgoings for books, magazines, cassettes and compact discs,
 27/14 Introduction and advertisement outgoings,
 27/15 expenses  in General Assembly.

 Methods of Profit-Expense Applications
 Article 28 :
Methods of profit-expense applications are as below.
 28/1 Amount of annual membership subscription fee and participation fee are determined by Board of Directors each year.
 28/2 SWF incomes are collected with receipt documents and outgoings are done with expense documents. If SWF incomes are collected through the banks, documents like deduction or summary of an account are used as receipt document. Saving duration of receipt and expense documents is five (5) years.

 Receipt documents, which will be used for collection of SWF profits, are printed by the decision of Board of Directors. After printing of these documents, printing houses have to notify the amount of the cover and number of the serial and row of these documents to Local Civilian Chief, who will collect grant and membership fee, are determined by the decision of SWF Board of Directors. Three (3) Authorization Documents are prepared for these people and approved by President of Board of Directors and one of these documents is given to Local Civilian Chief. 

 Registry Books
 Article 29 :
SWF has registry books as below.
 29/1 Member Registry Book: Identity information and dates of entrance and exist of President of national country federation is registered into this book. Amount of membership fee can be entered into this registry book.
 29/2 Decisions Registry Book: Decisions of Board of Directors are registered according to their date and number and members who participate in assembly signed under decisions.
 29/3 Profit-expense Book: Incomes and outgoings are entered into this book orderly.
 29/4 Document Registry Book: All income and outgoing documents are registered with their date and serial numbers here. Original income documents and copy of outgoing documents are filed. Income and outgoing documents which come through e-mail are kept with their outputs.
 29/5 Movable Property Book: Acquisition date of movable properties belongs to SWF and their using places  and drop out registry of expired ones are registered here.
 29/6 Receipt Document Registry Book: Serial and row numbers of receipt documents, name, surname and signature of people who take and return these documents and dates of taking and return are entered into this book.


Chapter Seven

 Invariant Rules
 Article 30 :
They are as follows.
 30/1 Sayokan is a Turkish martial art. It cannot be referenced to any other country.
 30/2 Sayokan was created and founded by Yabgu Nihat Yigit. It cannot be referenced or sold to anybody else.
 30/3 Center of SWF is in Ankara in Turkey, it cannot be carried to another country. It will stay forever in Turkey. It cannot be relocated to any other country.
 30/4 Sayokan Bravery Games’ methods, structures, ways are declared in Battle (Cenk) regulations and cannot be changed.
 30/5 Techniques, rules and methods of Sayokan, which is a contribution of Yabgu Nihat Yigit to whole world, are confirmed and approved by Yabgu. This is a rightful initiate.
 30/6. All member national federations use Sayokan’s original logo in national Sayokan San and Aybar diplomas. They do not use SWF’s logo. They add their countries’ flags on the top of logo. (Appendix 1)


 Sayokan’s Universal Logo
Article 31 : Universal and valid in whole world logo of Sayokan is as below. International federations also use this logo and only they add their countries’ flags on the top of logo. (Appendix 1)


 Article 32 :  
SWF General Assembly can always decide abrogation of federation. In order to decide abrogation, two-thirds (2/3) of the General Assembly members should attend according to the regulation. If this criterion could not be satisfied, members are re-invited to second assembly. Number of the members, who participate in second assembly, cannot be less than double of the number of Board of Directors and Inspection Committee members. Decision can be taken if only two-thirds (2/3) of the attendants votes for abrogation. SWF abrogation is declared to local civilian chief by Board of Directors in written way. On the abrogation occasion, all estates, financial resources and all rights are discharged by the decision of General Assembly.

 Change of Main Regulation
 Article 33 :
Two-thirds (2/3) of the General Assembly members can change main regulations

 Vacancy of Rule
Article 34 :
 In the event of the rule vacancy, Association Law bearing the number 5253 is applied. If there is no rule in this law, Rules of Turkish Civil Law bearing the number 4721 are applied.

 Annual Membership Fee
 Article 35 :
It is composed of national federations’ membership and representatives’ membership.Members pay $150 for each year and representatives pay $50 for annual membership fee.

 Participation Fee
 Article 36 :
Participation fee is paid if national federation participates in SWF. This fee is $30  and it is paid once.

 Course and Seminar Activities
 Article 37 :
if national federations wish to organize international courses and seminars, traveling and accommodation expenses, relevant national federation or country representative covers wages of trainers assigned by SWF.

 Martial Arts World Bravery Games Committee
 Article 38 :  
Martial Arts World Bravery Games Committee, which was founded by Turkish Sayokan Federation, is an association just responsible to organize World Martial Arts Bravery Games. Members are appointed by Turkish Sayokan Federation and then they are reported to SWF. SWF does not supply a budget for this organization. This organization’s referees and observers are assigned by SWF. Traveling and accommodation expenses, SWF’s President’s, Vice-President’s and General Secretary’s all outgoings are paid by Turkish Sayokan Federation. Expenses of other Board of Directors’ members are paid by SWF.

 Borrowing Procedures of SWF
 Article 39 :
Personnel and real estates are taken by means of authorization given by General Congress for SWF.

 Article 40 :
This regulation is valid after its publication.

 Article 41 :
This regulation is executed by SWF’s President.

 Article 42 :  
Appendix 1 Membership Form, Appendix 2 Sayokan Country Federation flags, Appendix 3 Country Representatives Authorization Document and Appendix 4 express information form about members. International federations and associations fill these forms. Only country representative authorization document is filled by SWF.And send to concerned post.

 Article 43 :
The founder  members’ names and addresses are below…